Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee

Kam Sang 5 Star Resort Presentation |12/6/2016

Over the past several months, the Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee has met with both the resort and commercial/housing developers. 

Kam Sang Co., Inc. is hosting a Community-wide presentation of its 5 star Resort Development Project on Tuesday December 6th, from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Hilton Cape Rey. PLEASE ATTEND!

Kam Sang Co., Inc's  intention is to have a signature project on this very important, southern gateway location to Carlsbad.  The resort concept is quite modern  - unlike the village or coastal architecture nearby.  It is very important that everyone in the community sees this design and has the ability to ask questions and have follow-up with input through our Committee.

Regarding the commercial/housing project, Shopoff hosted a Community presentation to showcase its revised design concepts.  The Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee has been providing some input to the design which the developers have vetted and applied as they see fit.  The Committee is waiting to see more detailed civil and elevation plans before it can provide more input to this developer.

Ponto Local Website |11/2/2015

Develop and post new committee website to facilitate project information transfer and news of upcoming events

Communication to Developer and City |8/17/2015

The Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee issued the community’s survey results to the developer and city

Petition Signatures |7/4/2015

At HOA July 4th parade and celebration, Committee members solicit signatures on petition to zone land appropriately, and to limit density, heights and setbacks of new development.

Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee |5/6/2015

Formation of Committee.  Committee is currently comprised of 20 San Pacifico residents.