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May 08 2018

City Council Meeting RE CIP Budget "Parks"

We appreciate the input from Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation, Preserve Calavera, Firends of Aviara, North County Advocates, Citizens of North County, the Ponto Beachfront...
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May 06 2018

UT Article by Phil Diehl RE Ponto Development

We appreciate coverage of this important issue by the San Diego Union Tribune. Click here to see article. The zoning issues are much more complicated than could be...
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Apr 30 2018

NBC7 News Coverage of Community Meeting

While NBC covered our concern over the residential development project, the other main issues are the missing 30 acres of unconstrained open space and 6.6 acres of missing...
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Apr 25 2018

The Coast News Article

The Coast News reported on the Ponto proposed project:4-19-18 The Coast News Article Ponto (PDF)  

Apr 17 2018

City Council Meeting

PBDRC presentation to City Council regarding enhancing coastline goal. Presentation included information on open space deficit, park deficit and need for commercial facilities at Ponto South the gateway to Coastal Carlsbad. See video here:

Jul 31 2017

Community Survey

The latest Community Survey is posted on the home page.  Please fill in and return survey by July 31, 2017. Your input is required to further develop the parameters for these sites.  

Jun 23 2017

PontoLocals Website

The website has been updated and reconfigured to allow it to handle the multiple projects currently being proposed at Ponto.  All information has been updated as well.  

Jun 16 2017

Kam Sang Company Inc.

Kam Sang hosted an onsite meeting where it staked the approximate location of the building for the proposed resort. Committee members were able to walk the site and see the intended location...
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Jun 05 2017

Shopoff Meeting

The Committee members met with Shopoff to review its comments on the Committee’s latest correspondence to them and the City, to review elevation views, to discuss the proposed residential density and elevations and to discuss the proposed Common Space usage.  

Jun 01 2017

Kam Sang Co, Inc

The Committee members met with Kam Sang Co, Inc to see how the development can be revised from its modern concept to better fit into the Ponto Village Vision Plan.  

Mar 31 2017

Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee Meeting

The Committee met to discuss and prepare for upcoming developer meetings, as well as discuss status of greater community issues such as trail connectivity and parks in the Southwest Quadrant.  

Mar 15 2017

Ponto Beachfront Development Reveiw Committee Meeting

The Committee met to discuss and review the status of Shopoff and Kam Sang Co, Inc submittals, as well as plan for upcoming Community Meeting.  

Mar 03 2017

Community Meeting

The Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee, which consists mainly of HOA volunteer members, presented the current status of the 3 projects being planned for part of the last...
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Feb 07 2017

Committee Letter to Kam Sang Co, Inc and City

The Committee issued a formal letter to Kam Sang Co, Inc regarding its comments pertaining to the developer’s preliminary planning application submitted January 19, 2017.  

Jan 27 2017

Committee Letter to Shopoff and City

The Committee issued a formal letter to Shopoff regarding its comments pertaining to the developer’s revised planning application submitted Dec 20, 2016.  

Jan 19 2017

Kam Sang Co, Inc Preliminary Planning Submittal

Kam Sang Co, Inc submitted its preliminary planning application for a  Five Star Resort concept to the City for Ponto South.  

Dec 06 2016

Kam Sang 5 Star Resort Presentation

Kam Sang Co, Inc held a presentation for the community to showcase its concepts for a five star resort on the southern corner of Avenida Encinas and Carlsbad Blvd – Ponto South.

Oct 29 2016

Carlsbad City Council - Meet the Candidates

Location: Poinsettia Park Grassy Bowl Time: 4:00pm Not sure who to vote for? Come hear from the candidates and get a chance to talk to them one on one. Bring your kids, bring a picnic, bring your questions and concerns. We hope to see you there!Meet-the-Candidates.pdf

Oct 04 2016

Shopoff Community Meeting Open House from 5 to 8 pm

Shopoff held its Community meeting where there were stations to see the various layouts and elevations for the project.Ponto-Open-House-Invite-(3).pdf

Jun 26 2016

Committee Meetings (on going)

The Committee members continued to meet with folks from various City agencies, Homeowner Associations, Hotel groups, community groups, etc to discuss the upcoming projects and to try and better understand each groups’/persons’ concerns and desires for the Ponto area  

Apr 27 2016

Committee Meeting with Coastal Commission

Committee members met with the Coastal Commission to review active projects at Ponto and to discuss joint goals and objectives for the current projects under design/development.  

Apr 06 2016

Kam Sang Presentation for Ponto South

Committee members attended a presentation by the Kam Sang Company, Inc. which showed preliminary concept plans for the proposed Resort project; it will be located south of Avenida Encinas and east of Carlsbad Blvd.    

Apr 01 2016

Committee meeting with City Manager

Committee member met with new City Manager, Kevin Crawford, to discuss upcoming Ponto projects and community concerns.  The City Manager advised the Committee to continue to work through Assistant City Manager, Gary Barbario.

Nov 16 2015

Committee Meeting with Mayor and City Manager

Several Committee members met with Mayor Matt Hall and Assistant City Manager Gary Barbario to discuss the vision for the Southern Gateway to Carlsbad and how the...
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Nov 02 2015

Ponto Local Website

Developed and posted new committee website to facilitate project information transfer and news of upcoming events

Oct 15 2015

Shopoff Meeting

Committee members reconfirmed the residents’ survey results including desire for no variances to density, building heights, setbacks, etc.  

Sep 22 2015

Final General Plan Update Meeting and Vote

Committee members testified before Council and Planning Commission supporting zoning/land use change on Ponto West to General Commercial and on Ponto East to R-23 (per City’s recommendation).  General Commercial and R-23 approved.  

Sep 19 2015

Community Meeting

Community Meeting held for all San Pacifico residents and nearby neighbors to inform them of upcoming General Plan meeting/final vote and Shopoff’s current development plans.  

Aug 17 2015

Communication to Developer and City

The Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee issued the community’s survey results to the developer and city.

Aug 17 2015

Shopoff Meeting

Committee members attended presentation by Shopoff on commercial uses and architecture.  

Jul 18 2015

General Plan Update Meeting

Committee members testified before Council and Planning Commission asking for zoning/land use on Ponto West to be changed to General Commercial and on Ponto East to be changed to R-15.  

Jul 08 2015

Community Meeting

Community Meeting held for all San Pacifico residents and nearby neighbors to inform them of proposed project plans and to solicit input/feedback from locals  

Jul 04 2015

Petition Signatures

At HOA July 4th parade and celebration, Committee members solicit signatures on petition to zone land appropriately, and to limit density, heights and setbacks of new development.

Jun 26 2015

Survey Issued

Survey regarding Shopoff’s development plans and soliciting San Pacifico resident input posted on San Pacifico website  

May 07 2015

Regular and On-going Meetings

Meet with Developers, City officials, Coastal Commission to make our voices heard and to push the development along in a positive manner Committee meetings held as needed  

May 06 2015

Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee

Formation of Committee.  Committee is currently comprised of over two dozen San Pacifico and nearby residents.